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45/55CM Anime Avatar Appa and Momo Plush Toys

45/55CM Anime Avatar Appa and Momo Plush Toys

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 Avatar: The Last Airbender Momo and Appa Plushy Toy

The Appa and Momo Plushy Toy Set is here, the ideal addition to any fan's Avatar: The Last Airbender retail collection! Two of the most adored characters from the series, Appa the sky bison and Momo the lemur, are featured in these charming plush dolls.

Each plush toy has a height of around 50 cm and is crafted of soft, supple materials of the highest caliber. Momo is the ideal little rendition of the endearing and playful lemur, while Appa sports his trademark white fur, blue arrow, and prominent horns.

These plush toys can be used as cuddly friends or exhibited on a shelf.

Material: cotton

Size: appa 45cm 55cm

Momo 28cm

Package: Opp bag

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