About Us

Welcome to our Plushy online shop!

As a young boy I had my own plushies. I remember Banarby Bunny and Brownie the Dog. They were small and fit inside my pocket. I didnt have a lot of friends in junior high school and my stuffed animal freinds were the only ones I had. Sometimes when ever I was feeling sad or alone I would reach into my pocked and squeeze Banarby Bunnie and feel better. 

When I saw my youngest son after his mom bought him his plushie and the huge smile on his face as he hugged it, I realized that this was something that should be shred by everyone. 

In our shop, we think that nothing quite compares to the solace and happiness that come from cuddling with a soft and fluffy plushie. Because of this, we're committed to offering our customers the best collection of plushies online, including everything from adorable animals to wacky figures.

We take great care in curating our assortment to give something for everyone because we recognize that finding the ideal plush can be a very individualized experience. We have what you're searching for, whether it's a childhood favorite you miss, a quirky new addition to your collection, or a cuddly friend for your little one.

Yet we're not just a company.

Pokemon plushie pikachu